Toy Safety

Quick Facts:

  • In 2002, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, there were 212,400 emergency room visits for toy related injuries
  • Between 2001 and 2003, toys accounted for nearly 50 child deaths
  • 54% of child deaths in 2002 were due to choking, according to the National SAFE KIDS Campaign

Toy Safety Campaign

The Keenan’s Kids Foundation held its first annual Toy Safety Campaign in 2000.  The need for the Toy Safety Campaign grew from the ever-increasing number of toy safety recalls and the rising number of toy related child injuries, especially around the holiday season.  Each year, we saw cases of child injury and even death as a result of dangerous toys.  All too often, a toy that caused injury had been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, yet still remained readily available to the public.

Our Toy Safety Campaign addresses both children and parents and seeks to draw consumer’s attention to the quality and safety of the products they buy, especially those for children.  Through our Toy Safety Campaign, we hope to direct attention to this problem and inform Atlanta area consumers, as well as those across the country, about the ways in which danger can be avoided.

Each year, Keenan’s Kids Foundation develops a list of ten toys that have been recalled during the previous year and that the Foundation and a team of volunteers consider to present the biggest safety risks.  After identifying our list of hazardous toys, our findings are published on our website and in the media to facilitate raising public awareness regarding toy safety, especially during the holiday season.

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