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About 365 Ways to Keep Kids Safe:

After 30 years of representing catastrophically injured or deceased children in 48 states and in many foreign countries, Don Keenan knows all to well the various preventable situations in which injury could befall an unsuspecting child.  Whether the tragedy happens at home, during recreation, school or travelling, Keenan believes that the majority of these accidents are preventable.

In the courtroom, whether an injury or death was preventable is established through experts’ opinions.  The ultimate decision on safety and prevention in all cased depends not on the skillful rhetoric of doctors, lawyers or judges but on ordinary people who decide the justice in our country – the jury.  The lessons learned from these cases and tragedies form the backdrop of 365 Ways to Keep Kids Safe.

The purpose of the book is two-fold: to open the eyes of parents and caregivers to the hidden hazards and dangers in the world of children, and more importantly, to provide easy-to-follow steps to prevention.  With the power of knowledge and the simple tools of prevention, a safe world for children is within reach.


365 Ways to Keep Kids Safe has won the accolade of thousands of parents, doctors and teachers alike.  In 2008, 365 Ways to Keep Kids Safe won the Independent Book Publishers Ben Franklin Award for Parenting and Family Issues and is used as a safety prevention tool across the country.

Oprah Winfrey named author Don Keenan among her “People of Courage” for championing the rights of children.  Keenan has also received praise from several different media outlets including 60 Minutes II, The Today Show, The O’Reilly Factor, Business Chronicle and Imagine Magazine stating “Keenan’s goal is to stop preventable child injury. He stands up for children everywhere.”

About the Author:

For over 30 years the author Don Keenan, a nationally recognized child advocate and attorney, has represented children, the innocent victims of preventable tragedies.  He has appeared on every national media outlet speaking out for prevention and he has testified before Congress and many state legislatures on child safety issues.

As a trial lawyer, Keenan brought to justice those who caused these preventable injuries and deaths.  However, unlike many lawyers, he did not stop after the case was completed.  In 1993, he established a non-profit foundation, Keenan’s Kids Foundation, to work with safety experts and around the world to creation safety programs and public advocacy campaign to prevent unnecessary child injuries and deaths.  When needed, regulations and laws have been proposed and many have been enacted.


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