Our Mission

Children at-risk do not vote and have neither paid lobbyists nor high-powered public relations firms. Consequently, the interests of these children are often considered unimportant and are lost in the system. The Atlanta-based Keenan’s Kids Foundation was formed in 1993 to promote child advocacy and assist at-risk children. The Keenan’s Kids Foundation works hard educate the general public, law students and practicing lawyers so they are more aware of the needs of children at-risk in the legal system. The Foundation’s mission is three-fold, focusing on the following components:


At Keenan’s Kids Foundation, we work to improve the daily lives and the future of children. Through clothing drives, feeding the homeless, children’s events and fundraisers like the Murphy House Project and Stars of the South, KKF strives to meet the needs of our community’s children and promote their well-being.

Community Awareness

For over 20 years, Keenan’s Kids Foundation has been dedicated to informing the public about child safety hazards and working to reduce those hazards, as well as advocating for the needs of at-risk children within the legal community. Our press conferences and media campaigns, ethics speeches and the annual Law School Competition inform and advance the work of those who act on behalf of children.


Child Advocacy

The Keenan’s Kids Foundation is a premiere source for providing honest, commonsense information regarding child safety. Mr. Keenan’s book, 365 Ways to Keep Kids Safe, the Kids Safety Bulletin and the Article Syndication program all provide information to prevent child injury and promote the Foundation’s aim to inform the community on all levels.