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The Keenan’s Kids Foundation is dedicated to researching, preventing and providing information about children’s safety issues.  In 2006, founder Don Keenan, in conjunction with KKF, published the first edition of the instructional book 365 Ways to Keep Kids Safe.  This book gives parents and caregivers easy, clear, common sense tools to eliminate hazards in a child’s world.  365 Ways to Keep Kids Safe is now undergoing a statistical update for a second edition reprinting to be released soon.

Since its publishing, 365 Ways to Keep Kids Safe has expanded into a monthly syndicated column available free of cost to a variety of different publications.  Within the past year, an additional 16 newspapers, magazines and newsletters have joined our syndication list, bringing the total number of active publishers to over 80.

 In addition to Mr. Keenan, Foundation Board Member Dr. John Monaco and Foundation friend and expert Dr. Patrick Malone are active column contributors.  Together they have produced several columns about child safety, featuring new and timely articles on topics such as the dangers of swine flu and how to properly choose your child’s pediatrician.

Here is a sampling of a few of our new column topics:

  • Bullying
  • Pesticides
  • Drawstrings and Children’s Clothing
  • Water Pollution Awareness
  • Surfer and Swimmer Ear in Children
  • Lead Dangers Electronic Stimulation

For a more comprehensive list of our column topics and chapters in 365 Ways to Keep Kids Safe, please visit the “365 Ways to Keep Kids Safe” section of our website.

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