State of NY v. John Doe

After arriving in Nigeria, Prince’s was kidnapped by his grandparents who took away his return plane ticket along with his passport.  During the next two years, Prince was kept at a makeshift “school” on the eastern coast of Nigeria that had no running water or plumbing.   

During a rare visit to his grandparent’s home in Lagos, Prince sought help at the American Embassy and begged to be returned home.  After being turned away, he scoured the streets for further aid, and was approached by several men who offered to pay his way back to America in exchange for a favor.

When Prince met the men the next day, they bound his hands behind his back and forced him to swallow 87 units full of pure heroine under threat they would find and kill his grandparents, parents and siblings.  With strict instructions and under the watchful eye of a handler, Prince boarded a British Airways flight to London and on to New York. 

Once in New York, Prince realized he would be killed upon delivery if not from his agonizing stomach pains that indicated he was in danger of a condom bursting and a lethal dose of heroine seeping into his bloodstream.  Instead, 12-year-old Prince turned himself into the police and was taken into custody on the charge of felony drug possession.

Prince spent the next 18 months of his life in a high-security juvenile detention facility in New York where he suffered further injustices.  The Keenan Kids Foundation Law Center defended Prince in 22 separate court hearings before his charges were dropped and he was released into Mr. Keenan’s custody. At the age of 14, Prince overcame all adversity and entered a military academy where he became an extraordinarily gifted student.  To this day, Prince remains in close contact with Mr. Keenan and the Foundation. 

Prince is currently putting his remarkable intelligence and relentless drive to pursue his dream of higher education and complete his Bachelors Degree.

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