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Our annual safety campaigns are central to the Keenan’s Kids Foundation effort to increase awareness and child safety.  Each campaign targets a different aspect of child safety, depending on the particular needs of the community in a given year.  Past Safety Campaigns have included the Playground Safety Campaign, the 4th of July Safety Campaign and the Toy Safety Campaign.

In 2011, the Keenan’s Kids Foundation is proud to add two new Safety Campaigns – the Youth Sports Safety Campaign and the Car Seat Safety Campaign.  All of KKF’s safety campaigns are designed to educate the public on potential dangers,  remove unnecessary hazards and ensure that our children are able to live, play and learn in the safest environment possible.

The Keenan’s Kids Foundation encourages children to be active, creative and have fun and we realize that falling down and getting cuts and scrapes are part of any normal childhood.  Our aim is not to eliminate every safety risk to the point of sterilization, but rather to identify and remove hidden hazards so our children may live happier and more productive lives.

To learn more about individual safety campaigns or how to become involved, please visit the Take Action section of our website.

Annual Law School Competition

The Keenan’s Kids Foundation sponsors an annual Law School Closing Argument Competition to heighten the awareness of damage consideration to injured and maimed children. The competition continues to draw passionate participation from students of all five Georgia law schools. Students make their arguments based on facts from a real case involving injuries to a child. The jury hearing the arguments is comprised of journalists, attorneys, judges and former clients of The Keenan Law Firm.

The annual event generally receives dozens of applications for 20 participant positions. It is the hope of the Foundation that this competition will give law students the opportunity to understand the importance of children’s rights and direct and encourage them to serve in this most needed area of law.

 To learn more about the Annual Law School Competition or how to become involved in this year’s event, please visit the Events section of our website.

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