Article Syndications

What is Article Syndication?

The Keenan’s Kids Foundation writes and submits articles on child safety that coincides with chapters in the book, 365 Ways to Keep Kids Safe.  We have over 80 nationwide newspapers and syndicates that publish our articles on a regular basis.  KKF is able to send articles on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly basis in order to best suit the needs of each individual syndicate.

Articles are FREE of Charge!

At the Keenan’s Kids Foundation, we strive to equip the public with every possible tool to prevent child injuries and we believe that providing these articles contain valuable information that could be used in injury prevention.  We whole-heartedly wish to share our information with as many parents, teachers and caretakers as possible in order to accomplish a safer world for children.  We simply ask that you publicize the article came from the Keenan’s Kids Foundation and provide a link to our website,

Interested in Becoming a Syndicate?

Simply send an email to and we’ll make sure to send you an article for your next issue!

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