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Keenan's Kids Foundation Announces Winners of the 12th Annual Law Student Closing Argument Competition

The Keenan’s Kids Foundation is proud to announce the 2013 winners of the 12th annual Law Student Closing Argument Competition. The competition, which was held Saturday, Nov. 9 in the Keenan Law Firm mock courtroom, was established in 1997 to show students the importance of children’s rights and to encourage them into this most needed area of the law. The event also stands as an opportunity for students to gain experience in a courtroom in front of a jury. 

This year’s winners included:

– First place: Ella O’Kelley; Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School (2L)

– Second Place: Mary Hashemi; Savannah Law School (2L)

– Third Place: Ramika Gourdine; Georgia State University School of Law (3L)

– Fourth Place: Utrophia Robinson; University of Georgia Law School (3L)

“Each and every one of the students who competed in this event did an outstanding job,” said Foundation founder Don C. Keenan. “Our final scores were very close and I am so impressed with the dedication and preparation the students took before giving their arguments. We saw some excellent feedback from the judges and I am confident this has made a lasting impression with all the participants.”

Students applied to compete from all six state law schools including the new Savannah Law School. This year, the Foundation received more than 50 applications, with only 22 students selected to give closing arguments. Monetary prizes were awarded to the top four competitors.

Since the competition’s inception in 1997, the foundation has sponsored twelve Closing Argument competitions for 2nd and 3rd year law students in Georgia. Each student is given 15 minutes to give their argument while being judged by a panel composed of members of the local media, experienced plaintiff and defense lawyers and parents of an injured child who has gone through the civil litigation process. This jury helps provide students with an excellent cross-section of life experiences and perspectives.

The Keenan Law Firm specializes in catastrophic child injury and death cases.  The Keenan’s Kids Foundation, started by the firm in 1993 to raise awareness on child safety, sponsors the competition to heighten the awareness of damage consideration to injured and maimed children.

If you are interested in participating or judging our 2014 competition, please send an email to­


Law School 2014 Competition Application



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Deadline for submission is October 1, 2014.  If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us at 404-523-2200.


Please Fax, Mail, or E-mail application to:

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