Marconi, through the UC Christus Health Network, adds the combination with cocaine can also be complex, seeing that there is a chance that a long term erection medicines of several hours will probably be generated, which will if not really treated over time, can lead to long term impotence. Sildenafil comes with several potential risks. It is a matter of education. What is even now not very clear out is what the methodology employed in the research will probably be with the aim of demonstrating the fact that sexual existence of some women increases very drastically when they consume the fashionable medicine. Viagra, the famous drug against erectile dysfunction, was discovered practically by probability. The purpose of the present research was to measure the characteristics of Sildenafil use in a sample of patients so, who dispense this medicine in a community drug-store. These types of drugs do not need a direct exciting effect on the isolated individual cavernous human body or an effect in the a shortage of sexual delight. The regular number of individuals who furnished Sildenafil inside the considered pharmacies, during 2004, was 66 monthly. The different segment achieved it mainly for the recommendation of any friend 21 years old. 74% or on the help of the drug-store 17. 39%. Now among many within the age of 45 it has become a habit. Sildenafil, a phosphodiesterase type a few inhibitor, is the treatment of decision for erectile dysfunction.

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