By Promit Mukherjee

JOHANNESBURG, April 1 (Reuters) – Africa’s largest company, Naspers Ltd, has hired a top Airbnb and former Amazon executive to lead its global online classifieds business, it said on Thursday, as the technology investor looks to shore up contributions from core businesses.

The company’s online classifieds business, clubbed under OLX Group, contributes 5% to overall revenues and is the biggest among an array of businesses such as payments and fintech, food delivery and education technology.

However, its size is largely overshadowed by Naspers’ blockbuster investment in Chinese tech giant Tencent Holdings , which owns China’s biggest messaging app, WeChat, and accounts for more than three-fourths of its revenues.

Romain Voog, who was the vice president for worldwide sales operation and geographies at Airbnb, has joined Prosus NV from April 1 as the chief executive officer of OLX Group, it said in a statement.

Prosus is a Naspers subsidiary that houses all of its overseas assets including Tencent and agen judi bola terpercaya online classifieds business, which is spread across 30 countries.

Voog was the president of Amazon’s operations in France before his stint at Airbnb.

He takes over from Martin Scheepbouwer, who led OLX Group for nine years, the company said.

“His (Voog’s) experience inside customer-centric organisations such as Amazon and Airbnb will be an asset to OLX Group as we drive customer-centric innovation in the world of classifieds,” said Bob van Dijk, CEO of Prosus and Naspers, in an emailed response to Reuters.

(Reporting by Promit Mukherjee; Editing by Steve Orlofsky)

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The gang is pretty tired from enforcing order in SlugTerra, so they head for a mall to relax, play games, and obtain a new bag for Pronto. They are aided by the mall’s Security Slinger and try to find the result in for zombies in the mall. He is also turned into a zombie by Mr. Saturday who makes use of aCryptogrif .

Zombie Thrill Run

In Knightfall, you can have your characters physically move about the space, set and upgrade your defenses, and watch as your coffee table or living room floor turns into a battlefield. The gameplay is more akin to the classic tower defense games that stay well known till now. Zombies have taken more than New York City, and you can come to be 1 of five different characters in this 1st-person shooter game.

Zombie Chase Game Ruin To Thrill On Streets Of Manchester

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Zombie Thrill Run

Boston Red Sox outfielder Kik Hernndez created one particular of the finest plays you will see all year in the course of Wednesday night’s game vs. the Kansas City Royals. He has steadily enhanced his English given that his arrival thanks mostly to conversation with teammates. Though missing his friends and mother’s cooking from the homeland, Kaprizov has hardly been intimidated by getting the only Russian on the group and clearly grown into one of the most preferred players in the space.

is a operating game and interactive audio adventure which requires place through a zombie apocalypse. The player assumes the part of the zombie survivalist known as “Runner 5” by going for a run with their smartphone and a pair of headphones. As players run, they gather things that are crucial for the survival of their community. Their base grows thanks to the player allocating sources where they are needed most.

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