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Tracks performed by Jeff Olmsted, vocals by Brian Gari. Produced and performed by Nick Walusko on Darian’s Tascam. Nick “I Just Wasn’t Made for this Haircut” Walusko is better known as Darian Sahanaja’s right-hand left-field man in pop combo The Wondermints. The husky Dennis lead and half the backing vocals are handled by Chuck Harter, a seasoned Hollywood “sound man” and pop historian, originally from Virginia. Overnight that album turned him into a Superfan; hence his choice to cover Dennis Wilson’s rousing rocker. It praised his uniquely sincere and “urgently comforting” style which, more recently, he has lent to his own tribute album to Brian Wilson. Lenny cites among his diverse influences Joe Satriani, Eddie van Halen, Todd Rundgren, chelsea handler sex tape Brian Wilson and W A Mozart. When I invited Reno guitarist Lenny Supera to contribute a little something to this collection, before I cold say “gimme a divorce” a tape arrived in my mailbox containing a dozen Beach Boys covers! Steve has been planning a Beach Boys tribute of his own, using contributors’ original compositions.


Arranged and produced by Steve Ramirez. Produced and arranged by David Garland. Produced by Brian Gari and Jeff Olmsted. 17. MY BUDDY SEAT – Brian Gari Brian Gari began writing songs in 1964 totalling over 700 songs to date. Availing training material over the internet is also very easy. A frequent collaborator with Flaming Groovy Cyril Jordan, his material defies categorisation. His solo CD “Songs for Future Musicals” shows his Beach Boys roots on meny of the tracks. With ex-Charisma solo artist Chris White producing, arranging, playing and singing, the other members, Bruce and Graham Venton and Chris’s brother Nick give their best performance yet: an exclusive to this collection. He was aided by brother Matt on backing vocals, Karl Alllweier on guitar and bass, and Rick z on tambourine, who also arranged and sang background vocals and co-produced with Dan. To the millions of spouses, couples and couples who met through craigslist, we wish you all the happiness!

Not all people understand that it’s splendidly conceivable and totally normal, though unimaginably energizing, to take part in easygoing dating with other consenting singles who are of a comparable psyche. Doug joins the ranks of contributors to this tape who have truly taken the Beach Boys music into their own hands! This affable bunch from Newquay, Cornwall, the surf capital of Britain, formed their covers band in the early 60s, playing mostly Beach Boys and Four Seasons numbers. He now practically owns the Beach Boys, and was recently offered $4 million for his copy of a Hawthorne Hotshots bootleg 45′ or something. He was interviewed (in four disguises) on US TV show “Hard Copy” , in an episode about Elvis Presley. For a copy of their surf/hot rod album of all-original songs write to: Chris White, 14 Dawn Crescent, Upper Beeding, Steyning, West Sussex, BN44 3WH, UK. Their recent cassette album includes near-live recordings of their most popular stage numbers, including this version of the Beach Boys underrated soundtrack title song from 1990. They played two excellent sets at last year’s UK Beach Boys convention performing such forgotten classics as “Break Away” and Chris White’s “Spanish Wine”.

In 1976 “20 Golden Greats” made Sean Macreavy a Beach Boys nut. Called “I Guess I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times”, he tackles some of the Beach Boys most obscure and well-respected songs, approaching them in an off-beat, eccentric way. All of us involved with this project- musicians, writers, listeners, Beach Boys fans alike- will be listening to these tributes in the comfort of our own homes, in our “rooms”. You can change the light source so the colour will alter. Danny feels helpless to solve issues within himself and within the environment he was raised in, and because of this he lives life a day at a time, never attempting to make progress or change. This creates challenges for farmers, policymakers and activists to develop a solution to produce more food while mitigating the effects on the environment. Since a hungry child is more prone to acting up and more difficult to pacify, keep some light snacks and a bottle of water handy in your purse or car.

12. PROBLEM CHILD – Coconut Grove. He said: ‘So her first day of filming – the amazing Ruby Rose playing Adele. He has just published the first ever biography of TV Superman George Reeves and is currently working on a compilation of never-before-seen stills of Marilyn Monroe. Her practical guide to modern working motherhood,” The Ringmaster,” is out now. The kids yoga DVDs not only reveal the secret of stretching and working out to maintain a healthy body, but it also increases the level of confidence. Punish and reward your kids just for the items that actually matter. I’d always told her she would have her own shop so was over the moon for her. He recently worked with Doug Jones for a Zacherle album, as well as hosting his own radio show called “The Blue Moon” on KUSF-FM in San Francisco and even writing a book on the music of the Sons of The Pioneers.

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