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Planarmaps Maybe ‘second wind’ applied to ballbusting too! What had started out as a ballbusting session seemed to have degenerated into an orgy! He felt great excitement at this ‘secret’ fucking of the bitch who had floored him in the subway restroom and perhaps that is what kept him standing despite the brutal attacks from the ballbusting schoolgirls. A sixty nine one hand stroking me, but her and he could see if he was now, her beyond asain sex cams lips, ah cool, even the sound great. This was for sure a new experience for him and though he still felt great pain at each hit he no longer felt like collapsing and curling up. He yelled out loudly after each hit and fell forward onto the girl in front of him in an attempt to recover from the blows. His body hit hard and he curled and twitched and jerked as waves of pain hit him over and over. While Stacey continued to work over his shaft, Sara bent down between his lap and began sucking on his nuts.

Increasing his panting to buy himself more time he bent over his ‘victim’ and slowly started to enter her! He wanted the base destroyed before the enemy could take over the base artillery and turn it against the South Vietnamese who were still fighting. There was actually a pause as the girls marveled that Geoff was still standing. Geoff still felt testicular pain, but instead of hating it, he found himself looking forward to the next kick. Her legs slowly unwrapped from around Geoff and he nearly collapsed right away. Wasting no time, girl number six attempted to drive his balls right through his body. Miss Y thought back to her treatment at the hands – and other body parts – of Geoff. Finally Miss Yokoyama arrived at the secret apartment. All sympathy for Geoff vanished as Miss Yokoyama came up behind Geoff and roughly grabbed his scrotum. The subway ballbusters. And they thought Geoff was a rapist! The senior subway ballbusters had arranged the meeting and were just now returning.

Strangely Geoff found himself liking the change and even though his balls were now tender and very painful he appreciated the way she raised them up, mashing them around her shoe and then releasing them to flop back down. Geoff wondered what was up as the first rape victim slipped out of what little she was wearing and started pressing her naked body eagerly against Geoff. Girl number two started in and a part of Geoff’s mind noticed that her kicks were softer, but bang on target. Two girls held him by his ankles to prevent the reflex closing of his legs. Angus barely reacts, the two barrels of hardness are already split and the nail missed the urethra; the steel between them hardly registers as pain. When Geoff was able to stand upright again he marveled at the ability of the naked female foot to inflict such pain. Geoff screamed but the force of the kick plunged his dick deep into the hot cunt.

She smiled and suddenly drove her thigh deep between Geoff’s legs, lifting his feet off the ground. He tried to concentrate back on the rape and slipped his shiny dick deep into the waiting cunt. It was then that they realized he had really penetrated and they watched in excitement mixed with horror as their friend and rape protector climaxed on the pulsing erect penis of this vile male! More than a few pussies were slick and wet from the excitement. The pain was intense, but Geoff’s boner was harder than ever and the panties were getting very wet! Then I can lie back while you suck and lick on my hot wet snatch before you shove your cock into me, ramming me against the wall. Then I moved his hand to the hotel headboard, and slipped it around one of the thick wooden posts there. Sleeves and we found their passionate kiss, then faster. I love her in a filial manner and our sexual intercourse are remarkably exquisite as never experienced before in our respective marriage. I feel like such a fool, but my love for him is sooo powerful.

I’d like to try it though to see how much better they feel. This particular victim was not putting up much of a struggle. It had the wonderful effect of cutting off his impending ejaculation cold; whilst the poor rape victim felt shuddering orgasms as this male’s kicked testicles were knocked up against her pussy. He took a perverse pleasure at exposing the very source of his maleness – his vulnerable dangling testicles – to the schoolgirls behind him. He sobbed and thrashed on the floor to the cheering hoots and raucous laughter of the schoolgirls until it was finally too much and he lapsed into unconsciousness. Having a helpless male to play with was turning these innocent schoolgirls into raving sex maniacs! Is it freeing to play the female, to be allowed to be delicate and helpless, to seek refuge from the rigors of masculinity which demands so much strength all the time?

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