4 months ago In this story, the media can discuss his affair with a porn star, and even the question of whether he used a condom, without undermining respect for the office. This is an essential pretense, because respect for the office of the President is indeed a value that should transcend the current Presidency. If the arguments in Trump v. Hawaii revealed anything at all, it’s that, to preserve its legitimacy, the judicial branch also requires imbibing and performing the polite little fiction that this presidency is basically normal. It’s not easy to draw a straight line between oral arguments at the Supreme Court and the White House correspondents’ dinner, but I’m going to give it a try. To do anything less—to cite to tweets, to call blatant religious animus what it is—is to jeopardize the presumption of regularity that attaches not just to the executive branch but to the court itself. But my concern about their call to reject this presumption of regularity around Trump isn’t a normative one so much as a descriptive one.

Woman Wearing Headphones Where the two meet is what Heath labelled the septal area, although scientists today would probably call it the nucleus accumbens. Last week, we witnessed two institutions charged with protecting constitutional democracy cave in to protect themselves. And at the Supreme Court, during last week’s oral arguments in the travel ban case, Trump v. Hawaii, we were transported to a bizarre world in which this president was discussed as if he were a normal head of state. Assume for a moment that court-watchers are correct and the majority of justices are suffering from travel ban fatigue. With neither a purse nor a sword to protect it, even ambivalent justices might go with selective blindness and a poker face. My simple guess is that the court has just endured two consecutive terms of fragility and public debate, months upon months in which the justices have been kicked around like a soft football.

It’s hardly radical to posit that in the year and a half since Donald Trump took office, the press and the courts have been the strongest checks against his campaign of distorting reality and attacking the credibility of fact-based institutions. These behaviors, intended as acts of institutional self-protection, are in reality moments of self-immolation. Taken together, they reflect the no-win conundrum faced by those who embrace norms at the expense of reality in an era in which institutions are all we have left to save us. We know there are many other live sex sites available online, however, we promise you have never experienced anything like the sex video chat features we offer on Pornoroulette. There was a time when Netflix’s CEO said that password sharing was “something you have to get used to.” Which made sense at the time, since pretty much everyone did it in some form or another.

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For its own self-preservation, it’s also required to pretend every day that a president who has no corresponding regard for norms and truth actually does. Young people, who are already prosecuted for felonies in some states for merely sexting, would be funneled into the criminal justice system for seeking out sexual information they’re not getting anywhere else. Information posted to this board is not meant to suggest any specific action, but to point out the technical signs that can help our readers make their own specific decisions. And they visited the “Saturday Night Live” star to make sure he was OK. A police spokesman declined to say where officers met with Ariana Grande’s ex-fiance on Saturday. NEW YORK (AP) – New York City police were concerned about Pete Davidson after he wrote “I don’t want to be on this earth anymore” on Instagram. But his Instagram posting was deleted and NBC did not cancel its live show.

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