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You may not want to experience these feelings, but that’s the trouble with feelings. She has limited communication skills, so that’s the most concrete answer I’ve gotten from her. Q. Schoolgirl crush—but I’m 37 and married: I’ve made a terrible mistake. Q. Re: Schoolgirl crush—but I’m 37 and married: I had been married for almost 15 years when I got an intense crush on someone I worked with. For me, telling him got rid of the whole feedback loop Mallory mentioned. Now I feel extremely guilty and ashamed, but do not plan to burden my husband by telling him what happened—it would devastate him and destroy the trust in our relationship. But when those feelings resurface, don’t try to deny or negate them—that will only make them feel all the more forbidden and exciting. I’ll be more cautious about spending time with him alone now that these unexpected feelings have surfaced, but what else should I do to protect my marriage? A: I’m glad to hear that Ada has you, and that she doesn’t have to deal with your mother’s neglect and dislike anymore.

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